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Deltaflow.Decode product suite

Riverlane is building the error correction stack

This will enable all quantum computers to become 'fault tolerant' by turning many noisy qubits into one or more logical qubits that perform reliable operations at scale.

Deltaflow.Decode, the foundation of our error correction stack, is the world's most powerful decoder technology. It predicts and corrects data errors on different qubit types at unprecedented speed, accuracy and efficiency. Performance metrics are detailed in our latest paper.

Deltaflow.Decode consists of two processor families:

  • Decoder IP - Universal RTL (Firmware) that can be used with any FPGA vendor
  • Decoder ASIC - Dedicated decoding chips offering greater speed and efficiency

Deltaflow.Decode processors are silicon-ready. We have optimised the underlying RTL implementation to be efficient whilst maintaining configurability and generality. They work with Riverlane's control system Deltaflow.Control and other third-party control systems.

Deltaflow.Decode Portfolio

Riverlane Processors

Download our DD1 datasheet

Download our DD1 datasheet