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Deltaflow: The Quantum Error Correction Stack

Unlocking useful quantum computing

Deltaflow helps quantum computers accelerate their path to performance beyond the supercomputing threshold.

Today, the world’s best quantum computers can perform at most a few thousand reliable quantum operations (QuOps) before failure due to mounting data errors.

This must scale to millions of quantum operations (MegaQuOps) and ultimately trillions (TeraQuOps) for quantum computers to fulfil their vast potential.

Riverlane’s Quantum Error Correction (QEC) stack Deltaflow will unlock this opportunity. Deltaflow is a comprehensive QEC solution on a rapid path to utility scale. It includes qubit data readout, decoding, logical operations and orchestration.

Our Deltaflow roadmap will reach a MegaQuOp (a million real-time quantum operations) by 2028. This is the critical milestone when quantum computers reach sufficient scale to execute the first error corrected quantum applications.

How Deltaflow works

Deltaflow turns unstable physical qubits into error-free logical qubits. It has three main components working in a continuous cycle to process petabytes of data:

Orchestration layer. This coordinates and synchronises the complex activities in real time.

The world’s most powerful decoder. This identifies the errors in this data and sends corrective instructions.

Universal interface. This processes the qubit readout data from any quantum computer’s control system.

Learn more about how the Quantum Error Correction Stack works by watching the accompanying video.

How real-time quantum error correction works

Reliable logical qubits are made from thousands of fragile physical qubits. Many logical qubits are needed to produce the millions – and ultimately trillions – of operations to perform the complex calculations that enable the first error-corrected algorithms that cannot be emulated by supercomputers.

To implement operations, a smaller number of reliable ‘logical qubits’ are created from a larger number of error-prone physical qubits. Data from this larger set of logical qubits also needs to be corrected in real time. If this process is not fast enough residual errors pile up between operations and the computation effectively grinds to a halt.

Our Decoder

Our Decoder

The world's most powerful quantum error decoder sits at the core of Deltaflow. It optimally balances speed, accuracy and resource requirements.

The decoder gets broken up into many smaller sections. The data from the logical qubits is spread out across these sections and is processed in parallel to keep up with the huge number of qubit errors.


We partner with the world’s leading quantum computer makers to implement Deltaflow. Our partner process has three steps:

  1. Work together to deeply understand their qubits, hardware, and error properties. We then design the best potential solutions, including the appropriate error correction codes and decoders.
  2. Test and implement QEC solutions offline in software.
  3. Test and implement real-time QEC solutions in hardware.

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