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The Error Correction Stack that unlocks useful quantum computing

Riverlane's mission is to make quantum computing useful far sooner than previously imaginable, starting an era of human progress as significant as the industrial and digital revolutions. To achieve this we’re solving the quantum error correction problem across all quantum computing technologies.

Building the Quantum Error Correction Stack

Error correction
Error correction

Quantum Error Correction is the key to unlocking quantum computing’s incredible potential

Today’s quantum computers have limited capabilities because their fundamental building block, qubits, are highly error prone. This leads to system failure after just a few hundred quantum operations. Quantum computing’s extraordinary potential will only be realised when we build machines capable of at least one trillion error free quantum operations, or ‘TeraQuOps’. This is known as 'fault tolerant' quantum computing. 

It’s not enough to simply build quantum computers with more and better qubits. Unlocking the full spectrum of quantum computing applications requires new hardware and software tools to control inherently unstable qubits and comprehensively correct system errors ten billion times or more per second.

Riverlane designs and engineers such tools.  We implement them with leading quantum computer makers using every type of qubit.  We call this the Quantum Error Correction Stack. 

Learn more about our Quantum Error Correction Stack

Riverlane’s Quantum Error Correction Stack, which we call Deltaflow, controls unstable qubits and corrects data errors in a continuous cycle.


Our team

Building a quantum error correction stack is a complex challenge. Our team is uniquely built for this pioneering task.

Leading scientists and theorists from many fields collaborate with engineers who have successfully built the Mars rover, the Large Hadron Supercollider at CERN and the chips in our smartphones, to name but a few. What powers us forward is our open culture and common mission.

Who we are

Our partners

We collaborate with companies and labs that build quantum computers, and work with enterprise companies to enable use cases for the technology.