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The Error Correction Stack that unlocks useful quantum computing

Riverlane unveils three-year Quantum Error Correction Roadmap

Riverlane has released its groundbreaking three-year roadmap for its Quantum Error Correction Stack, Deltaflow, starting in 2024 and culminating in a system where quantum computers can run one million (Mega) error-free Quantum Operations (QuOps) by 2026.

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Quantum Error Correction is the industry's defining challenge

Quantum computing will be one of this century’s most transformative technologies, broadening the scope of what is computationally possible.

World-changing use cases will require millions of reliable quantum operations or more. Today’s quantum computers are prone to errors, making about 1 error per 1000 operations.

This error rate needs to reduce by millions of times before we can reach capabilities which surpass the supercomputing threshold. This target is far beyond what can be achieved with hardware improvements alone. Real-time decoding is required to identify and correct a vast number of errors at speed. 


Building the QEC stack to unlock useful quantum computing

Riverlane is building the Quantum Error Correction Stack: Deltaflow, to reduce logical error rates, enabling quantum computers to scale up and tackle problems that are intractable using any classical supercomputer.

Deltaflow has all the functionalities needed to perform reliable quantum operations at scale, including real-time error decoding, logical orchestration, and a universal control interface.

Our Deltaflow roadmap will reach a MegaQuOp (a million real-time quantum operations). This is the critical milestone when quantum computers reach sufficient scale to execute the first error corrected quantum applications.

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We are now at the point where quantum computers cannot move forward without error correction. If you'd like to partner with us to accelerate your QEC solutions, or have any questions, get in touch.

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Building a quantum error correction stack is a complex challenge. Our team is uniquely built for this pioneering task.

They include scientists and engineers who have successfully built the Mars rover, the Large Hadron Supercollider at CERN and the chips in our smartphones. What powers us forward is our open culture and common mission.

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