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Spend more time experimenting, less time configuring.

Deltaflow.Control - Spend more time experimenting, less time configuring

Deltaflow.Control is a customisable solution for generating high accuracy, high speed pulse sequences to control qubits using affordable off-the-shelf hardware.

Its decentralised architecture provides the scalability and performance required to enable practical quantum error correction.

Deltaflow.Control is currently available for trapped ion and cold atom qubits. Support for superconducting qubits is in development.

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  • Programmable
    Fully programmable with pulse definition and configuration using pure-Python, so no need to spend time learning platform-specific languages, plus a library of powerful and easy to use pulse definition functions
  • Easy integration
    Easy integration and setup with support for the commonly used Xilinx RFSoC and Sinara hardware ecosystems and a comprehensive set of tutorials and examples
  • Professional-level Debugging
    Professional-level debugging and clock cycle accurate simulation, providing deep insight into system behaviour and meaning fewer iterations to perfect experiments
  • Low-latency
    Low-latency decentralised architecture supports scaling to the measurement-heavy workflows required for error-corrected quantum computing
  • World class support
    World class support delivered by experts in trapped ion and atomic qubit control with 30 years' combined experience in trapped ion and atomic qubit control

"Our experience with Deltaflow.Control and the Riverlane product team has been very positive.  They’re always responsive and helpful, and are clearly focused on understanding and addressing the needs of researchers in the lab."


- Tracy Northup, Ingeborg Hochmair Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Innsbruck

RFSoC Integration
RFSoC Integration

Deltaflow.Control + Xilinx RFSoC

Deltaflow.Control integrates seamlessly with the Xilinx RFSoC ZCU111 Board to create a scalable high performance qubit control system providing:

  • 8 RF outputs - frequency range 20-400 MHz / sampling rate up to 4Gsps / 14-bit amplitude resolution / 16-bit phase resolution / timing resolution up to 1ns
  • 16 digital IOs - 4 inputs configurable as any combination of PMT inputs or external trigger inputs (on request) / 12 outputs
  • External triggering to enable operation of Deltaflow.Control systems in satellite mode alongside 3rd party control systems

Read about our partnership with Xilinx

Hardware Kit for Xilinx RFSoC Boards

Hardware Kit for Xilinx RFSoC Boards

To fast track building a complete rack-mounted qubit control system based on Deltaflow.Control and the Xilinx RFSoC board, a kit of parts comprising casing, power supply, cabling and IO connectors is available from Riverlane on request.

Sinara Integration
Sinara Integration

Deltaflow.Control + Sinara

Deltaflow.Control brings scalability and a powerful and easy to use programming model to the Sinara open-source hardware ecosystem. Support is provided for setups comprising the Kasli controller, Urukul signal generation and TTL digital I/O modules.

Scaling Sinara qubit control systems at low risk

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Download our Deltaflow.Control datasheet

Download our Deltaflow.Control datasheet