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We are building the quantum error correction stack to enable fault tolerance across all quantum technologies.

Our customers are the hardware companies, universities and governments building a new generation of large, error-corrected quantum computers and the organisations who use them to pioneer new human possibilities.

Product innovation begins with leading-edge research in: quantum error correction; quantum computing software and engineering; and industry applications.

We’re building Deltaflow, a series of interconnected components that creates error-free logical qubits from many unstable physical qubits, enabling large-scale applications to be built.

Building the quantum error correction stack


Qubits mirror the quantum mechanical complexity of nature, ultimately enabling life-changing applications impossible on current 'classical' computers. But building a full stack quantum computer requires real-time tools to control qubits and decode the massive volume of data errors arising from their inherent instability. That's what Deltaflow does. 


We work with organisations who use quantum computers to pioneer new human possibilities in materials, pharmaceuticals, clean energy and aerospace.

System tools

For managing the configuration of the kernel, tuning its performance and compiling quantum circuits for efficient execution.

Building the quantum error correction stack

Detects the errors that affect the physical qubits as they occur. We're developing new highly efficient techniques for decoding and innovative ways of implementing them on dedicated hardware to cope with the vast amount of data that must be processed.


Building the quantum error correction stack

Orchestrates the operation of the decoders and the control system to implement the error correction cycle. It monitors errors reported by the decoders and then plans out the optimal sequence of operations for the control system to perform to recover from those errors.

Building the quantum error correction stack
Control system

Manipulates the quantum states of qubits to store information, perform calculations and correct errors. We're designing our system for maximum speed and precision to limit the spread of errors through the quantum computer, and to support different qubit technologies.


Control Hardware

We interface directly with lasers and other devices that control qubits.


We have a vision to build products that work with all types of qubits.

Ion Traps

Neutral Atoms





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