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Riverlane Names Maria Maragkou as VP of Product

Press release
Riverlane Names Maria Maragkou as VP of Product
17 April, 2023

Cambridge, UK: Quantum engineering company Riverlane has announced the appointment of Maria Maragkou as its new Vice President of Product.  

Maragkou is promoted from within Riverlane's growing interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, who are taking on the grand challenge of building Deltaflow.OS, the operating system for error corrected quantum computing.  Error correction is an essential prerequisite to unleash the full potential of quantum computing in industries such as drug discovery, materials science, and climate modelling. 

In her new role, Maragkou will oversee Riverlane's product innovations, including the development of Deltaflow.OS and the effective delivery of product development programs for its global government, industry and university partners. 

As the former Head of Business Development at Riverlane, Maria will continue to nurture partnerships with governments, quantum computing partners, and university collaborators worldwide.  

"Maria has a deep technical understanding of quantum computing, a strong commitment to advancing the field through open collaboration, and an extensive global network. She has led the development of successful proposals for grants and partnerships and has trusted relationships in all parts of the industry,” said Steve Brierley, founder and CEO of Riverlane. “She’s also an advocate for building smart so we can develop and test ideas as fast as possible.” 

Prior to joining Riverlane, Maragkou served as a senior editor at Nature Journals, where she refined her skills in communicating complex scientific concepts to a broad audience. Maragkou holds a degree in engineering and a PhD in quantum physics, as well as an MBA, making her a uniquely qualified leader in the field. 

"I'm excited to lead Riverlane's product development in this critical phase of quantum computing. Our team's comprehensive focus on solving the quantum error correction challenge for all types of quantum computers will help accelerate the transition from noisy intermediate-scale quantum devices to the era of practical, error-corrected quantum computing," said Maria Maragkou, vice president of product at Riverlane. 

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