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Quantum Computing Theory in Practice 2023

Quantum Computing Theory in Practice 2023
8 April, 2022

Riverlane is excited to host the fourth Quantum Computing Theory in Practice (QCTiP) conference, in our home city of Cambridge, UK, on 17-19 April 2023.

QCTIP 2023 is expecting 240 attendees, from across academia, industry and UK government bodies. 

About QCTiP

Quantum computing devices have made remarkable progress over the past ­five years, to the point where multiple groups around the world have now demonstrated both larger noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms and the beginnings of a path to error corrected quantum computers. At QCTiP 2023 we will explore these and future advances in the practice of quantum computing, including:

  • How today’s devices are enabling exploration into both NISQ and error-corrected quantum computers
  • Future opportunities and approaches for beyond-NISQ systems
  • Where the frontier in practical quantum computing theory lies

Invited speakers include:

  • Murphy Niu - Google Quantum AI
  • Richard Kueng - Johannes Kepler University Linz (virtual)
  • Kianna Wan - Stanford University
  • Garnet Chan - Caltech
  • Nicolas Delfosse - Microsoft Research

Plus 18 accepted speakers from Google, Phasecraft, Riverlane and universities across the UK and the world.

Monday's poster session will host a total of 76 posters - details of which can be found here.

The industry session on Tuesday will showcase quantum computing companies, their mission, vision and research. A panel session will explore the questions around 'Defining useful quantum computing: What are the key indicators and when will it happen?'.

Regular updates will be posted via our twitter account – follow @Riverlane_io and use the hashtag #QCTIP2023

Thank you to all who have contributed to the conference.

All talk recordings from QCTIP2023 can be viewed here 

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