Riverlane partner with Strangeworks as part of synergistic quantum ecosystem

Riverlane is proud to be collaborating with Strangeworks, a US quantum software company whose mission is to foster a global quantum workforce, and make quantum computing accessible to all.

Riverlane will form part of Strangeworks QS™ (Quantum Syndicate): a collaboration of hardware, software, education, and cloud service providers partners, alongside 1Qbit, Algorithmiq, Amazon Braket, Atom Computing, Bleximo, Blueqat, D-Wave, Entropica Labs, Hitachi, Honeywell, Horizon Quantum Computing, IBM, IonQ, Microsoft, PlanQK, Qureca, Rigetti, Stack Overflow, Unitary Fund, and Xanadu.

The Quantum Syndicate is one of three key initiatives announced by Strangeworks. Its purpose is to develop the implementation and testing of new quantum technologies across the industry, enabling quantum physicists, data scientists, educators and enterprise developers an easier exploration of the emerging quantum landscape.

Riverlane’s quantum operating system Deltaflow®, will be integrated into Strangeworks QC™ (Quantum Computing): a free quantum computing ecosystem that enables researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to quickly learn, develop, and manipulate real quantum code.

Founder and CEO of Strangeworks William Hurley (aka Whurley) commented that, “the quantum industry needs more collaboration, experimentation, and shared discoveries to help build the quantum workforce of tomorrow, today. By bringing together an unparalleled partner network with a hardware-agnostic, software inclusive, collaborative development environment, Strangeworks provides everything needed for governments, universities, and enterprises to start building their quantum solutions today.”

Steve Brierley, Founder and CEO of Riverlane said: “Strangeworks has created a bustling independent community for quantum computing enthusiast, developers, and enterprises who want to deploy quantum hardware and software technologies. We’re incredibly excited to be a part of their platform launch and to integrate Deltaflow in this amazing infrastructure, giving everyone the option to look deep into the control systems of quantum computers.”


Read Strangeworks full press release here