Samin Ishtiaq

Head of Software


Samin Ishtiaq is a Computer Scientist with interests and experience in hardware, verification, security, systems biology and machine learning. Samin has over 20 years of experience in hardware and software, and was recently at Samsung AI Centre working on hardware and systems for machine learning.

Prior to this, he was at Microsoft Research where he worked on static analysis of device drivers, formal verification of biological systems, and security and machine learning. He began his career at ARM where he helped tape-out the Cortex A8, ARM 11, Cortex M3 and SC300.

Samin is one of the co-inventors of Separation Logic, for which he received the Most Influential POPL Paper Award in 2011 and the CAV Award in 2016. Samin has degrees from Imperial and from Queen Mary London where he wrote his PhD thesis on dependent type theory.

Samin’s favourite playground equipment are the monkey bars.