Finding our path – why we’ve rebranded

Riverlane is evolving. With an expanding team and a sharpening of focus, we felt it was time to realign our branding with our flourishing company identity.

As a quantum computing start-up, building your brand isn’t really top of the list of priorities. Instead the focus is on developing the tech, raising investment and recruiting the right people to get the job done. On securing seed investment in 2019, moving into our own offices last September, and now with a team of 20 strong and counting, we finally had the head space to review where we are as a business and rethink what it means to be Riverlane.

In particular, we have been working flat out on our product, Deltaflow, a high-performing operating system for quantum computers. The UK government just awarded us and eight partners a grant of £7.6M. We needed a brand that reflects Riverlane as a company building one of the most exciting products in quantum technology in the world.

why we've rebranded - Riverlane
The team participating in the branding workshop earlier this year.

To help us with this task we brought on the award-winning talents of both branding agency Together Design, and web design and development agency Rubber Cheese. It was important for everyone to have a voice in this process; Together Design led an interactive workshop in order to brainstorm ideas and think about our key messages and audiences. This allowed us to bounce ideas off each other and gain different perspectives and insights into what we felt about the company, and consider the directions in which Riverlane could go. By laying out all this information, our identity became clear. Since then the messaging has been edited and finetuned until it became undoubtedly us. Rubber Cheese have built on this work by designing and developing our fabulous new website, with multi-layers to enable users to gain a feel for who we are and what we do, with the option of delving deep into the tech if they wish.

To work with both agencies has been a joy from start to finish, they have been superb at translating the mind-boggling world of quantum computing into something exciting and beautiful.

Re-establishing our values

We are hugely proud of our multi-disciplinary team. Our culture has grown organically over the last year and it felt like the right time to take stock of Riverlane’s strengths and drill down on our core values. The importance of diversity was also a key factor in our discussions and we are taking steps to encourage under-represented groups to apply for roles at Riverlane.

The new logo

rebranded new logo

The new logo is simple at first glance, but cleverly uses the ‘r’ and ‘l’ motifs as a pair of brackets, reflecting the scientific and mathematical nature of Riverlane. These also work as a framing device.

The aesthetics

why we've rebranded

We wanted the imagery and feel of our brand to reflect the vibrancy and curiosity of our team, as well as the staggering possibilities (not to mention challenges) of quantum computing. Commissioned artist Niklas Lundberg has created stunning images and animations which capture the complex nature of quantum chemistry, revealing different layers and elements with movement and change.

The colour palette of greens and golds with flashes of orange makes our branding distinct and unique.

As a fully fledged company, we are hugely excited to reveal Riverlane’s new brand. We will continue to focus on our vision – to develop pioneering quantum software that gets to quantum advantage, sooner.

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