Riverlane and dividiti join forces for quantum hackathon in Paris

quantum hackathon, Paris
Riverlane and dividiti recently had the exciting opportunity to co-organise the first Quantum Hackathon in France, with support from Quantonation and IBM. Around 100 participants with varying abilities and backgrounds converged at 42 in Paris to take part in the event. 
The hackathon challenge was framed in a similar fashion to a machine learning classification problem. Participants were given a set of vectors as training data, labelled by either +1 or -1. The vectors each represented a quantum state encoded onto qubits, and the challenge was to learn a quantum circuit that transforms the state to one that gives the correct parity label upon measurement. This problem gave users the opportunity to explore some of the fundamental aspects of quantum computing, using a classical quantum simulator with the Qiskit quantum framework from IBM.Participants submitted their code using Quantum Collective Knowledge (QCK), a framework developed by dividiti to benchmark existing quantum computing systems, pinpoint the state-of-the-art and forecast future developments. QCK builds upon Collective Knowledge, a universal open-source framework for reproducible and collaborative R&D. The quality of submissions could then be ranked in a collaborative setting, as seen here, sparking further discussion on the most efficient solutions to each problem. Many teams were successful at completing all tasks!

Christophe Jurczak, CEO of Quantonation, said that the hackathon was “a fantastic opportunity for students at 42, professionals and enthusiasts to experience the challenges of programming a quantum computer and also realise its power for complex calculations.” Speaking on behalf of Quantonation, leading VC investor in the field of quantum technologies, he added that:
“Working with Riverlane and dividiti on such an initiative brings a lot value. We strongly believe that the constitution of a quantum computing ecosystem is necessary for new startups to emerge, and for them to recruit the talents they need. This first Quantum Hackathon is just the beginning. We received great feedback and many are looking forward to the next session!”
Anton Lokhmotov, CEO of dividiti, commented: “It was exciting to descend onto Paris for our first Quantum Collective Knowledge hackathon outside of the UK. Everyone had fun, and the enthusiasm was infectious! We believe that sharing and aggregating results from events like this and enabling collaborative R&D projects will allow the community to accelerate the path to practical and scalable quantum computing.”
Full hackathon results can be found here
Riverlane and dividiti are running the 4th QCK hackathon in Oxford this March, with support from NQIT and the Satellite Applications Catapult, and encourage you to participate in the 1st open QCK challenge online.