First meeting for the Strategic Initiative in Quantum Software held at Riverlane

Strategic initiative in quantum software

The first meeting to develop a Strategic Initiative in Quantum Software was held this Monday. Organised by Oxford NQIT, and convened at Riverlane in Cambridge, a range of parties interested in quantum software put forth a joint desire for a rich intermediate language.

Attendees representing groups from all over the UK were present, including representatives from groups based at the universities of Oxford, Bristol, Edinburgh and Sheffield. Riverlane and CQC added a commercial perspective alongside the academic groups. As a community the attendees represented groups working on quantum chemistry, circuit compilation, and emulation.

We identified a joint desire for a rich, but machine readable, intermediate language for both emulation and noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices. As a community, the format of QASM was viewed positively but a need for extensible classical coroutines and the ability to express large indivisible unitary gates is needed to embrace OpenQASM as a general standard.

We look forward to the next meeting of the SIQS group in the coming months.