Riverlane and Rigetti are Partnering
07 Sep 2018

Riverlane have joined forces with Rigetti – one of the world’s leading quantum computing companies.

The partnership forms as a result of Rigetti’s newly launched Quantum Cloud Services platform, designed to accelerate the pursuit of quantum advantage.

Steve Brierley, CEO of Riverlane, commented, “We are super excited to be collaborating with Rigetti and be a part of the wider Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) developer ecosystem. The quantum computing developer community is starting to take shape and the Rigetti QCS platform provides a focal point to both develop and distribute quantum software.”

As an early release, Riverlane are launching a new quantum game called ‘Quantum Freeze’, where players use a quantum computer to navigate across a frozen lake – only by exploiting quantum superposition can players avoid falling into the freezing water!

The two companies have previously worked together to host Western Europe’s first Quantum Computing Hackathon. Access to Rigetti Forest and Quantum Collective Knowledge enabled hackers to use Rigetti’s 8Q Agave QPU via the cloud to compute the energy of a small molecule.

It is not yet known when the first demonstration of quantum advantage will be achieved, or what shape it will take, but one thing is certain: it will dramatically accelerate progress in unlocking the power of quantum computing for everyone.

About Riverlane

Riverlane is a University of Cambridge spin-out, developing a quantum simulation engine that will transform how materials, drugs and catalysis are developed. Using quantum computers to accelerate classical computing, Riverlane is building the next generation in computer aided design.

About Rigetti

Rigetti is one of the leading full-stack quantum computing companies in the world. Based in Berkeley and Fremont, CA, Rigetti are made up of over 120 scientists, engineers and visionaries.