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Quantum Computing Theory in Practice 2023

Quantum Computing Theory in Practice 2023
7 December, 2022

Riverlane is excited to be hosting the fourth Quantum Computing Theory in Practice (QCTiP) conference, in our home city of Cambridge, UK, on 17-19 April 2023.


About QCTiP

Quantum computing devices have made remarkable progress over the past ­five years, to the point where multiple groups around the world have now demonstrated both larger noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms and the beginnings of a path to error corrected quantum computers. At QCTiP 2023 we will explore these and future advances in the practice of quantum computing, including:

  • How today’s devices are enabling exploration into both NISQ and error-corrected quantum computers
  • Future opportunities and approaches for beyond-NISQ systems
  • Where the frontier in practical quantum computing theory lies

Invited and submitted expert talks will cover these topics and related research results that illustrate connections between the possible and the practical in quantum computing.

Session topics will include:

  • Applied quantum error correction
  • Current NISQ advances
  • Quantum low density parity codes (qLDPC) and other future fault tolerant quantum computing (FTQC) advances
  • Algorithmic advances for the fault-tolerant regime
  • Validation and verifi­cation


How to take part:

  • Register to attend QCTiP 2023 here, where you will also have the option to submit a poster. Registration deadline is 24 March.
  • Submit a talk here before 24 January. (now closed)
  • Sponsor QCTiP 2023 - Click here for information on sponsorship opportunities.


More information about the QCTiP 2023 conference

Regular updates will be posted via our twitter account – follow @Riverlane_io and use the hashtag #QCTIP2023

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