Deltaflow-VL FAQs

What level of emulation does Deltaflow-VL offer?

Deltaflow-VL is an emulator of the control stack for quantum computers. Exposing the full control stack, it allows quantum programmers and algorithm developers to test and implement applications that require fast control such as error-correction and VQE-based algorithms. With Deltaflow-VL, Designers of quantum hardware can develop control system code away from the lab so they can fix bugs without worrying about down-time.

Will code written in the VL be easy to run in the lab?

Yes - we are releasing Deltaflow - runtime later this year. Get in touch to find out more

Do I need a Quantum computer to run Deltaflow-VL?

No - in fact it even runs on a RaspberryPi.

How much does it cost?

Trial licence is free it you ask nicely.

But my QC is really noisy - in fact I spend 90% of my time trying to understand and fix noise in the system. Do you model noise?

Not in the first release but this is coming in v2.

Do I need qubits in the lab to make this work?

No – Deltaflow-VL really is a quantum physics lab emulator.

Do you provide any formal testing for code?

We will in the future support property, fuzz, and formal testing methods for verifying performance and correctness of systems running on the abstract machine.